Violence Midterm1 notes ch.4,7,8

Violence Midterm1 notes ch.4,7,8 - Midterm #1 Notes: Ch.4-...

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Unformatted text preview: Midterm #1 Notes: Ch.4- Hare estimates that 15-20% of criminal population meets the criteria for psychopath- Psychotherapy would probably increase the risk for psychopath to become criminals because they teach them how to play around with normal people- Megargees under-controlled and over-controlled; over-controlled people will become much more cruel criminal when they break out once- Reactive-aggressive kids usually have the characteristic of hostile biased perception of the environment- Recidivism people who commit crime for their second time (Chronic Recidivism are for more, repetitive criminals)- Most street-violent criminals will NOT repeat same crimes- 5% of the offenders in 1989 have committed over 45 crimes- One study shows that 100% of recidivistic street-criminals have biological commonality- 94% of the abused kids were abused repeatedly- More than half of sex offenders admitted that they have committed more than once- Why domestic offenders repeat?- opportunity (the target is always at home; a handy Why domestic offenders repeat?...
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Violence Midterm1 notes ch.4,7,8 - Midterm #1 Notes: Ch.4-...

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