Violence Midterm2 lecture summary

Violence Midterm2 lecture summary - Lecture 5: childhood...

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Lecture 5: childhood violence ADHD kids: reactive, impulsivity. ODD kids: pro-active (thinking/planning to be aggressive) Surveys consistently find that about 30-40% of male youths and 15-30% of female youths report having committed a serious violent offense by age 17. Youths at greatest risk for being killed in school-associated violence are those from a racial or ethnic minority, senior high schools, and urban school districts Protective factors that are highly suggested by researches are: commitment to school, intolerance to deviant behaviors Violent crime in the U.S. has been showing a downward trend - but the highest rates of lethal and nonlethal violence are now found among those under 18. The increase in youths from 10-14 is especially alarming Psychopaths seem to derive enjoyment from violating the law. They do not rehabilitate with prison - they continue their violent behavior both inside and outside of prison. Their violence is organized. They are highly impulsive - difficulty delaying gratification and a high need for stimulation. Lack of thought or concern for consequences, inflated self-esteem, pathalogical lying, lack of empathy, interpersonal difficulties, lack of social awareness Aggressive youths: Background of family chaos and child abuse, parental absence or neglect, and a high rate of fathers with a history of imprisonment and or drug/alcohol abuse. The specific paternal constellation of: high reactivity to stress, alienation and aggressiveness is a strong predictor Child who are corporally punished learns that violence works for controlling others’ behavior Disinhibition … sociopathic individuals don’t experience fear and anxiety in response to various situation Some studies have identified a triad of factors that are strongly predictive of violence:
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Violence Midterm2 lecture summary - Lecture 5: childhood...

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