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Hebrew Study Guide

Hebrew Study Guide - Hebrew 370 Final Exam Review Sheet...

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Hebrew 370 Final Exam Review Sheet Final Exam Facts The Final Exam will be given on Monday, December 5 from 11:30am–1:18pm in the classroom. You must be there on this day at this time. You may leave whenever you are finished. The Final is worth 33.3% of the total class grade. Students may not use Bibles or notes while taking the exam. The Final will consist of multiple choice, matching, true or false, short answer, and a short essay question. You will also be asked to write out one of the passages you have memorized since the Midterm. The Final will be formatted very much like the Midterm Exam. Keep in mind that the Final is not comprehensive, so you will only be tested on things we have read or covered after we had the Midterm on October 26. Book-wise, the Final includes Judges, 1–2 Samuel, 1–2 Kings, and Ezra. Much of the content of Final will be based on the reading questions that have accompanied each day’s reading. You have already seen some of these questions on the daily quizzes, but be aware that even reading questions that were not on the quizzes can appear on the final. Some questions will look exactly as they appear in the reading questions (requiring a short written answer) and others will show up in other formats such as multiple choice, etc. The remainder of the Final (that is not based on the reading questions) will be made up of a memorization passage, a map section, and questions on the information we have covered in class. Cheating, plagiarism, or academic dishonesty of any kind will not be tolerated. If the instructor has sufficient grounds to suspect that you have cheated, a notification will be sent to the Committee on Academic Misconduct. Students with any questions about OSU’s policies on academic misconduct may visit http://studentaffairs.osu.edu/resource_csc.asp . “Better to be poor than a liar” (Proverbs 19:22). The following is a brief explanation of each section of the Final … Memorization Passage You will be asked to re-write one of the passages you’ve memorized. They include: Numbers 6:22–26 Psalm 23 Ecclesiastes 3:1–8 Map The following map will appear on the exam with some of the words removed; you’ll get to fill them back in. CAPITAL LETTERS are for countries; lower case letters are for cities; and italicized letters are for bodies of water. 1
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Here are some hints for some of the trickier ones: The three groups of people that live east of the Jordan spell A-M-E going north to south—think of the name “Amy.” The northern borders of Ammon, Moab, and Edom are the Jabbok, Arnon, and Zered Rivers, respectively. These rivers, going north to south, spell J-A-Z. Remember that “ Amy really knows how to Jazz .” If you get the three S-cities confused (Samaria, Shechem, and Shiloh), remember that going from north to south they are in alphabetical order. The reason the seas have two different names is that they were called one thing back in ancient
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Hebrew Study Guide - Hebrew 370 Final Exam Review Sheet...

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