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sociology Study Guide Final - Intro to Sociology Final...

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Intro to Sociology Final Study Guide Chapter 6: Definition of sex: BIOLOGICAL distinction between male and female (1 st : genitals, 2 nd : puberty) How many sexes exist as discussed in class?: more than two Gender: sociological sex distinction Intersexed: there is a discrepancy between the external genitals and the internal genitals Transsexuals: people who feel that their sex is opposite from the actual Cross dressers: transvestites, adopts the dress and behave like the opposite sex. Hobby/ life-style Sexual practices linked to cultural traditions Approach and positions: who initiates the sex (men in the Unites States) Restriction of openness: kissing, hugging, making out in public Modesty: different presentation of self (hide the body parts that are not supposed to be exposed) Incest (blood-related family) taboo; they can’t get married. Find in every culture (cultural universal) Symbolic Interaction approach on homosexuals: NEGATIVE. Why?- to discourage the behavior since it does not follow the norm therefore DEVIANCE . Sexual Orientation definition and 4 types Heterosexual Homosexual Bisexual Asexual: attraction to neither sex. 1% of men, usually end up marrying to females Nature vs nurture debate on sexual orientation (bottom line): Biology. Culture (sociology) decides HOW to display the sexuality Alfred Kinsey- “Father of Sexuality”: There’s no such thing as “completely homosexual (6)” or “completely heterosexual (0)” everybody falls in to the middle Kinsey’s contribution to Sociology: First publication, openness and setting revolution of sexuality Who has sex most often? Who is happiest with their sex life?: Cohabitating and married Extramarital sex statistics: 浮浮浮. Men 25%, Women 15% According to the professor, is there a rape culture in America?: YES Apply three theories to sexuality: Structural-Functionalist: Culture and institutions regulate with whom and when people reproduce. (Incest Taboo), prostitution is OK. Symbolic-Interaction: Social patterns involved with sex have been changing Social-Conflict: Sexuality creates inequality, would women want males to prostitute? Videos Intersex John/Joan “Sex Unknown” Chapter 7 Definition of deviance: the recognized violation of cultural norms (can be crime) Definition of crime: the violation of a society’s formally enacted criminal law (significant norm) Lombroso’s and Sheldon’s study on deviance: PHYSICAL TRAITS (big boys are more likely to be criminal) Mertons Strain Theory: criminals feel strained by the fact that they don’t have something others have
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sociology Study Guide Final - Intro to Sociology Final...

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