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Lab Report Assistant Dear Science Student, As you will learn from reading your manual, a formal Lab Report represents the culmination of your experimental activities. It summarizes your actions, observations, and conclusions, as well as demonstrates to your instructor that you have performed the experiment and what you’ve learned from doing so. In addition, the Lab Report usually forms the basis for your laboratory grade. To facilitate your report writing and to take some of the formatting drudgery out of preparing the formal report, a Lab Report Assistant section has been added to this DVD. For each lab experiment, relevant procedural sections including necessary questions to be addressed and tables that should be integrated into the report are included in .rtf format. Files in an .rtf format can by used with any type of word processing program. This format means you can simply copy appropriate .rtf data from the Lab Report Assistant files and paste it into your report, thus saving you the time and trouble of reconstructing it plus allowing you to input data directly into the pre-formatted tables. Before writing a lab report, it is helpful to understand what instructors usually believe constitutes a good lab report and to know the criteria they often use to evaluate students’ reports. On the following page is a copy of a standard lab report grading rubric that is used by most science instructors. Invest a little time to study it and understand how instructors usually allocate points when grading reports. Familiarizing yourself with the six standard sections of a lab report and the criteria on which they are evaluated will not
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0-READ FIRST-Lab Report Assistant - Lab Report Assistant...

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