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One solution to the mind/body problem proposes that there is only one underlying reality; mind or body. This solution is called: Correct Answer: C. monism. Modern psychobiologists who subscribe to the belief that all thought and action is reducibleto electromechanical activity would be considered: Correct Answer: C. materialists. What are the two main forms of dualism? Correct Answer: B. interactionism and parallelism Descartes was the chief architect of which form of dualism? Correct Answer: D. interactionism According to Descartes, the mind and the body interact via the: Correct Answer: D. pineal gland. The notion that “nothing exists beyond our perceptions” or “without our perception of it, an object does not exist” would be most compatible with: Correct Answer: C. George Berkeley. The position that proposes that the mind is nothing more than an accidental by-product of neural activity is called: Correct Answer: C. epiphenomenalism. Who would be most likely to believe that the mind resides in the heart? Correct Answer: D. Aristotle According to Galen (and the early Christian Church), animal spirits are stored in the: Correct Answer: A. ventricles. Aristotle differed from other Greek philosophers in that he believed the mind resided in the: Correct Answer: A. heart.
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The ________ found in the gardens of St. Germain influenced Descartes in developing his hydraulic model of the nervous system. Correct Answer: C. automata According to ________, muscles are empty bladders that when filled with “animal spirits” movement is produced. Correct Answer: D. Descartes An involuntary response to a stimulus, caused by direct connection between a sensory receptor and muscle is a(n): Correct Answer: A. reflex. Electrical stimulation applied to dismembered frog legs caused the muscles in the leg to twitch. This was first demonstrated by: Correct Answer: A. Galvani. Sensory nerves enter the spinal cord through the ________ root and the motor nerves
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TEST1 psych3 - One solution to the mind/body problem...

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