TEST4 - The typical cell membrane resting potential is:...

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The typical cell membrane resting potential is: Correct Answer: B. -70 millivolts. Ions important for establishing the membrane resting potential are: Correct Answer: D. All of the answers are correct. When a neuron is at rest, there is a greater concentration of ________ outside the cell relative to the inside. Correct Answer: B. sodium The tendency of molecules to move from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration is called: Correct Answer: B. diffusion. Electrostatic pressure is based on an ion's: Correct Answer: B. electrical charge. Excess sodium that leaks into the cell is expelled by the: Correct Answer: A. sodium-potassium pump. The attraction of opposite-polarity particles and the repulsion of same-polarity particles is termed: Correct Answer: D. electrostatic pressure. The resting potential of a neuron is maintained by the: Correct Answer: D. sodium-potassium pump. The sodium-potassium pump requires considerable energy to operate. This energy is supplied by: Correct Answer: C. adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The sodium-potassium pump forces excess sodium out of the cell and brings ________ back into the cell. Correct Answer: D. potassium The depolarization of the neuron generating an action potential is due to the inflow of: Correct Answer: A. sodium ions. An excitatory stimulus causes the cell membrane to: Correct Answer: C. depolarize. For an action potential to occur, the cell membrane must depolarize to threshold, or approximately ________ mV. Correct Answer:
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TEST4 - The typical cell membrane resting potential is:...

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