TEST5 - The study of the effects of drugs on behavior is...

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Correct Answer: B. psychopharmacology. The study of how drugs move through the body, including absorption, distribution, and elimination is termed: Correct Answer: A. pharmacokinetics. Injections into the upper arm, thigh, or buttocks would be considered: Correct Answer: A. intramuscular. Which injection method would get the drug to the brain fastest? Correct Answer: C. intracerebral The amount of time it takes the body to eliminate half of the drug dose is called: Correct Answer: C. half-life. Most drugs are broken down into their metabolites by the: Correct Answer: C. liver. Another name for substance dependence is: Correct Answer: D. addiction. Learned craving for a drug is known as: Correct Answer: C. psychological dependence. A pattern of drug use that produces negative effects defines: Correct Answer: C. substance abuse. Withdrawal symptoms are clear characteristics of: Correct Answer: D. physical dependence. Drugs that mimic or enhance the action of a neurotransmitter are: Correct Answer: C. agonists. Drugs that interfere with the activities of a neurotransmitter are known as: Correct Answer: A. antagonists. A drug that attaches to a receptor and produces the same effect as the neurotransmitter is a(n): Correct Answer: B. agonist. Indirect agonists have their actions by:
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TEST5 - The study of the effects of drugs on behavior is...

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