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BANGKOK_AIRWAYS_pim's_part[1] - Current Strategy of the...

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Current Strategy of the Company Bangkok Airways is an air transport company in Thailand. Dr. Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth, who is the owner-managed company, completely controls the company and also makes a centralized decision-making.The main concern for the company is the profitability of the business. The operations of the business are concerned to be a capital intensive. Therefore, the capital budgeting system and processes are strategic importance. First, Bangkok Airways used the underdog strategy but it’s aware of their positions so the company is continuously trying to find the best place for themselves and has been updating their market position, performance and competitive advantages; thus, Bangkok Airways decides to change the strategy to the niche strategy instead. The business level strategy of Bangkok Airways is that the airline focuses on differentiation. The company differentiates itself through being the first boutique airliner in 2004 in Asia while others low cost airlines ignore this strategy to cut their cost.This campaign called "ASIA'SBOUTIQUE AIRLINE; Exclusive Service to Exotic Gems". The new boutique campaign aims to strengthen Bangkok Airways goals and to define the pillars of its brand. Bangkok Airways mostly focuses on foreign passengers and tries to use this boutique to attract their targets. The boutique is a small business with special or specialized products. A boutique airline aims to offer the best-personalized service to passengers and to develop more exclusive and cultural destinations.Moreover, it offers services with new airport lounges, serving-food in the flight and new planes. The company has a strong determination to make their passengers feel at ease on board as they are at home under the concept of “be at home in the sky”. Bangkok Airways maintains a modern and trendy boutique to get a credible and trust worthy. Luckily, the Thai government's latest implementation of the Open-Sky policy also leads many new air carriers into the market. The new boutique campaign emphasizes and expands upon Bangkok Airways' position as a private airline flights in the Kingdom of Thailand. By offering full service in all categories such as boutique lounges, boutique airports, appetizing menus, new aircrafts, and friendly exclusive service to its passengers, this clearly places Bangkok Airways in a category of its own that differentiates it from other competing carriers.
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Bangkok Airways distinguishes itself with five main pillars that define its initiative: Boutique Lounges Bangkok Airways differentiates boutique lounges by allowing all of its passengers to relax and comfortably while waiting to board their flight and available to all passengers with no extra charge or hidden fees, not only concerns about the clean and comfortable boutique lounges like other airlines. Each lounge has a courtesy corner where passengers can treat themselves with free snacks and various choices of hot or cold drinks. Moreover, passengers can also enjoy free Internet access from one of several
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BANGKOK_AIRWAYS_pim's_part[1] - Current Strategy of the...

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