GE’s+grow.. - GE's growth strategy The best...

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GE’s growth strategy The best growth strategies take companies to places where only a few can follow. We are another year along with our five-initiative strategy to create high-margin, capital-efficient growth: Technical Leadership Services Customer Focus Globalization Growth Platforms The result of these initiatives will be a company that can achieve organic growth at twice the GDP with high margins and returns. Technical Leadership Technology and innovation are at the heart of our initiatives. Technical leadership produces high-margin products, wins competitive battles and creates new markets. Global Research continues to advance GE’s technical leadership. For instance, nanotechnology plays to GE’s traditional strength in materials; last year we filed 28 nanotechnology patents and made significant progress in the development of nano-metals, -ceramics and -plastics that can enable a new generation of GE products. We can now imagine super-light alloys that could take half the weight out of some jet engine components and create substantial fuel efficiencies and cost savings. As a company, we made great progress in energy efficiency. The H
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GE’s+grow.. - GE's growth strategy The best...

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