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STRENGTH GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED BRAND: It has a strong international presence with over hundreds retail stores in many countries and online shops. EXPERTISING IN DEVELOPING ITS OWN PRODUCTS: Apple Computer are expert in Developing own software and hardware. ITS WEB TECHNOLOGY FOR BRAND AWARENESS AND SALES: Web technology can be used to improve product awareness and sales. STRONG R&D: It has a strong Research & Development Department. HIGH CUSTOMER SWITCHING COST BRAND DIFFERENTIATION: STRONG CUSTOMER BASE MAINLY IN THE US: WEAKNESS VERY SMALL PRODUCT LIFECYCLE: The product life cycle is very small that revenues are more dependent on a launch of new products and services. LESS MARKET SHARE COMPARED WITH A MAJOR COMPETITOR: Apples market share is far behind from major competitor Microsoft. LIMITED AVAILABLE GAMES FOR MAC INTERNET EXPLORER REQUIRED BY A NUMBER OF WEBSITES STEVE JOB DEPENDENCY OPPORTUNITY A GROWTH IN PC AND MOBILE INDUSTRIES
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  • Spring '11
  • Teerana
  • strong customer base, product Substitution effect, Strong International presence, high product substitution

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