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libya_and_egypt - transportation and consumer costs...

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Protest in Tunisia - High corruption - High unemployment - High food inflation - Lack of freedom of speec Neighboring countries protest wishing for same result - Egypt, Lybia , Yemen, Barein Libya - Largest crude oil reserve in Africa - 2% of global oil production -No alternative to Libyan’s unique quality oil -Political turmoil causes fear - Drives out oil producers in Libya - Drop in oil export - Drop in world supply - Higher price Caused by results L e d t o
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-rising crude oil prices -Higher cost in producing petroleum (price taker) leads to lower retailed profit -lower supply -but less significant compared to other countries due to government subsidy policy which ease pressure on manufacturing,
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Unformatted text preview: transportation, and consumer costs Egypt-Contains “suez canal”, major oil route, transporting oil to Europe & Asia-3 million barrel of oil from saudi Arabia and kuwait: major oil producing countries Fear of oil disruption through the canal from labor strike-expected oil price increase led to 26.9% rise between 17 dec. 10 to 1 mar 11-high cuts in oil supply-higher cost of transportation After successful overthrowing -new government raised canal’s tariff-greater cost-increase in global oil price Impact on Thailand’s oil Industry Result s...
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