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Chart 1: Countries with Highest GDP Growth 2000-2010 Data from the International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook Database, April 2010 (2009 estimates, 2010 forecasts). Chart 1 shows the top twenty countries that have highest average GDP growth rate within the last decade, where some countries are developed countries such as China or Qatar, while most of the others are considered less developed countries. There are several examples in the world which demonstrate situations of which the country may be developing economically, however, are still underdeveloped. These examples could be seen all over the world, although Africa seems to be the continent that exhibits it most often, for instance, Sierre Leone, Ethiopia, and Mozambique. But two countries that are most observable include Equatorial Guinea and Myanmar. Firstly, there are three main characteristics that determine a country to fall into the category of Least Developed country, which they include low income, human capital status, and economic vulnerability. For the low income criteria, it is based on a three year average of the gross national income per capita of under $905. Human capital status criteria it is based on the Human Assets Index, which includes nutrition, health, education, and adult literacy rate. Finally,
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examples_econdev - Chart 1 Countries with Highest GDP...

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