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Si Chang Island, located in Chonburi province, is one of very beautiful islands of Thailand. There are many attractions; for example, Chong Klao Khad, Haad Tham Phang, Saan Chao Pho Kao Yai, for tourists to Many remarkable historic site seeing, beautiful natural places, worshipful places and materials, harbour, school, hospital, variety accommodation and government office lacated nearby. "Koh Yai Taow" is a small island located on the south of "Koh Sichang", next nearby is "Koh Khaankhaow" and "Koh Tai Ta Muaen" which is one of the important places for coral reef ecology research on gulf of Thailand. The other surrounding islands
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Unformatted text preview: located in the east of Sichang island. "Koh Sichang" located distinctly on outer gulf which connect to gulf of Thailand and the outer sea, represent as well-known of an arrival and departure gulf from outer sea of Thailand in foreign trade and still the main water transportation, including a place of ship resting area for the duration of storm till today. In the past time, King Rama IV, V and Rama VI had come to island for their rest. King Rama V had initiated to construct the first palace for royal home-stay in summer. The palace was named "Phra Judhadhut Palace" , after his son was born on this island....
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