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crim1wk - Running Head CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM 1 Criminal...

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Running Head: CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM 1 Criminal Justice System University of Phoenix Organizational Negotiations MGT/445 Ryann Gerber August 15 2011
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CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM 2 Criminal Justice System In the United States, the criminal justice system can be broken down into three components: law enforcement, the courts, and corrections. These three bodies work together to create the criminal justice system that revolves around crime in the country. Each body relies on the other to get a job done; the three bodies work more in a tangled web rather than an individual line of enforcement, courts, and corrections. The following is a detailed look into each body, how they interact with each other, and how the three together work on crime. One of the most obvious, and the body of the criminal justice system that the public sees the most are policemen. While they are the basic and most common entity within the law enforcement side of criminal justice, there are other types of law enforcement out there, for example: sheriff, highway patrol, and federal agent. Law enforcement works on both the state and the federal level: these levels create jurisdictions and limitations for what an officer in a particular agency can do. For example, a Riverside, California sheriff can perform their duties
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