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Asian Pols Eco Devel

Asian Pols Eco Devel - • Holism Highest Value Attached to...

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Economic Development and Management Practices Cultural Base of Industry; American vs. Japanese Decision Making Factory Set-Up Unions: Enterprise Union Industrial Relations Industrial Democracy: Hanami Japanese Culture and Its Impact on Politics Personalism : Doing Things with Known People; Emphasis of Face-to- Face Relationship o Voting Based on candidate rather than issues or party identification. o Low Participation Citizens lack of confidence in participation. o Weak Party Identification Japanese voters identify themselves with candidates rather than party. o Factionalism and Corruption Personal power gain between elites. Personal loyalty reins over party loyalty. Lack of Institutionalism Great effort to build ground work rather than relationship in party
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Unformatted text preview: • Holism : Highest Value Attached to Groups; Emphasis of Conformity and Dependency; Conflict Avoidance o Amae Roughly translated to emotional dependency. Key concept in social structure. Passive form of participation o Voting High levels of voting. When strong group support is intensified. o Political Apathy Value group harmony o Spectator Culture Detached attitude. Observe politics from sidelines. Display little emotional and political involvement. • Revisionist Perspective : Manipulative Bases of Consensus (Sugimoto) o Groupism o Koseki (Family Registration), Jumin Toroku (Resident Registration) • Asian Values...
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Asian Pols Eco Devel - • Holism Highest Value Attached to...

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