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Research Project description - January 14 th 2011 GLOBAL...

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Unformatted text preview: January 14 th 2011 GLOBAL STUDIES GROUP RESEARCH PROJECTS (worth 25% of the total grade) Global Studies for SAS Spring 2011 has a research component, which requires all students -- working in groups -- to devise, carry out and present an original piece of research. The body of your research will be based on traditional sources: readings, Internet sites, and lecture materials associated with the Global Studies course. To this you should blend in the results of the fieldwork you conduct in the place you have chosen to focus on. In some cases your research projects might involve comparisons between one or more of the cities/countries we visit. Why have a research component ? It is anticipated that by conducting your own research in the city/country of your choice, and by hearing about and seeing the research findings of other groups, SAS students will gain significant knowledge about a sample of places in the global ‘South.’ With this knowledge you will be better equipped to compare such places with each other, as well as with those at home in the global ‘North.’ Your research should allow you to see for yourselves how global forces play out locally and are adapted to ‘on the ground’ in specific cities and countries. This should enable you to think critically about how people in these places react to the forces of globalization, exercise their rights, and conduct their lives. Student groups (n=7) have been pre-assigned, randomly. Your group will be identified in a handout in the first class sessions (A and B). At the end of the first class you should all go to the assigned locations to meet each other. Swap information about yourselves, arrange another meeting (soon), and start to think about a research topic. Research topics : a list of topics is included in Appendix B of this document, and each group is required to select one of them. You can adapt the topic slightly to reflect the interests and abilities of your group members, but any substantial changes from the topics listed need to be approved by either the Instructor or one of the TA’s. If you have a proposal for a topic that is not close to any of those on the list, feel free to make a case for it with either the Instructor or one of the TA’s, but you must do this quickly: the deadline for selecting a research topic is: January 20 th (A day students), and January 21 st (B day students) . Note : At this stage it is important to recall the learning objectives of the Global Studies course, which are listed on the syllabus and repeated in Appendix A of this document. Ideally, your chosen research topic should help you achieve one or more of these objectives. What you need to do immediately!...
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Research Project description - January 14 th 2011 GLOBAL...

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