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GS reading quiz1 - Global Studies Reading Quiz 1 Study...

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Global Studies Reading Quiz 1 Study Guide Chapter 1: 1. What is meant by the terms ‘north’ and ‘south’ as they are used here? a. North: Rich and powerful b. South: Poor 2. What are the other (earlier) terms used to divide-up the globe? a. Third world, developing world, etc. 3. What do the authors say about how the south is represented in academic research and policy discussions? a. The ‘Global South’ is represented with a lot of negative stereotypes and that they’re in need of external (Northern) intervention. 4. How/in what way is the ‘south’ mostly portrayed in the above? a. With problems, debt or environment degradation 5. What and where is the Brandt line? (and countries in each region) a. Line dividing the rich and powerful North from the poorer South b. North: North America, Europe, Russia, Australia, etc c. South: Central/South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, etc. 6. What do WMW mean by the following terms: representation; power; agency; globalization; development; discourse; modernization? a. Representation: b. Power: c. Agency: The power of individuals to act d. Globalization: ‘Shrinking world’- Economic, political, social and cultural processes that are bringing people and places of the world closer together e. Development: f. Discourse: A form of representation through writing, visual images or other means g. Modernization: Process of evolution from simpler to more complex, and allegedly more advanced societies. 7. What four main arguments do WMW (the author of textbook) set out in this chapter that will run through their book? a. Representations of the Global South matter; Not just in class discussion but in the real world too b. Life in the Global South isn’t separate from the North, but linked through global processes and we should consider how the Global South think of globalization too. c.
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GS reading quiz1 - Global Studies Reading Quiz 1 Study...

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