Selecting the Main Idea

Selecting the Main Idea - what is ping on Distinguishing...

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Selecting the Main Idea Where: In what situations do we need to find the main idea? r Readings 4Lectu;res +Graphs +Pictures + Math Calculations Main ideas tzq? e;~erytohm! !, How: HOW do we find main ideas? , *To find the topic: "What is this about?" +To find the main idea: "What is the author trying to tell me?' MY: Why is the main idea important? Lovered on exams +Foundation for something you'll need to know later +Helps you construct meaning from what you have read or heard When. When is it necessary to hd the main idea? .Whenever you read anything +Listen to any conversation Watch any movie .Whenever you want to understand
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Unformatted text preview: what is ping on Distinguishing between the Main Idea and Supporting Details Supporting Details are. .. Narrower More speufic a More concrete They tend to be: Proper Names Date% Facts Examples Exact Quotations They are of3en introduced by "signal words,' like: For example T O ' U ~ ~ ~ ~ R mat point One example One example of this One [email protected] case To be specific For instance To prove my point Supporting Details are 'piled u p " other details with phrases like: On bop of that Further Also In addition One more example Furthennore Then, next Second, Third, ett. Supporting details usually constitute the center, or body, of the paragraph...
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Selecting the Main Idea - what is ping on Distinguishing...

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