Bloom's Taxonomy - Bloom's Taxonomy Instructors often...

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Bloom's Taxonomy Instructors often create exam questions that require several different types of thinking. Various questions are sumaarized below. Knowledge questiow Questions assessing whether a student remembers or mmgnhs informa$on (e.g., a benn, definition, concept) without necessarily nndersturding, using changing it Exampl#: What is the definition mitosis? In what year did World Wu I commence? Comprehension questions: Questions requiring a student to undersmd material without neczguriy relating it mything else. Umdy students danoxtstrate tccompehm%ian by restating dting exampla. , ExampIcs: Explain t)rc process of mitosis. Give some examples \ oxym-• AppUution questio~* Questions requihg a in use information in a new situation bo solve at problem, answer a question, perform a task ek Exunpltr: How dws tklaw supply and demand explain the price afganic produce? Given Jack has low self-efficy for ma* how much effort 4Il he put forth to study for his math test? Anzlyafr quesaonr: Questiaw requiring a Cn break a concept into its parts relations un* parts; rrquiring a distinguish relevant from ex!r~ems material. Exaxnpler: fa- affect rrte unemployment? are tootcauses prejudice?
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Bloom's Taxonomy - Bloom's Taxonomy Instructors often...

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