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Academic Environment

Academic Environment - The High School-to-College...

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The High School-to-College Transition ~tya~acgcinsbuaon,developmcntal ~udcduatbrul pqchologlst8ur:becoming fnrradngly inkrated in tht mbvr of the huuition ktween hi& rchoal ud c~flgr. Most aruciena enter p---nduy d!duatfod -gr .fta they ampk thdr high d\ool rtudia Some comr to conegeycvrlftathyluve~uatedbPmhfgh SChoQL nletduatiorul refknee poIntrfor both ~gruupareoftenstiIlgmundcdhthcir~dary school This otpesfa\W rcfaeKvr point an aatc problem for students kcrur ot the differ- - kbvem envimunents and dcmandr Ngh school and collegc lemming settins If we are commit- ted to hclphg shadcnts succeed uademidy, then it is put our res$m&bility u eduatOn to help suaxdully mke the buuitfDn ffom hfgh school (or high shol-bued expxtatioru) lo college. Udng questionnaires and inlaview +chcdule, 8 study of the differen- between mnduy ud postsecondary educational climates and requirements wu aonducted u part Cognitive Lurning Stralegies Project louted at The University Texas at Austin. Dab were obtained from instructon, students, student affairs specllists, and leaming assistam spialists The results of this study Iuve been pooled with other research findings to identify six categories of differences (1) Academic Environment; Ul Grading; (3) Knowledge Acquisition; (4) Support; 8) Ureu; (6) Responsibility. The following is edited list highlighting mrne & m- between high schools and col- legcr. mlc Environment OJudn atepry I , vahbla Instruction is nuinly by kcturn. Reading assignments complemmt but do not Mctssuily dupliatc lectures. Therr usually more on umpur Thmutmoreddi~ctioru Chsa meet ler, frequently and for fewer houn per week Thm leu "busywork.' . - ~n~utn~tllkwdtotach. tht librvy effddy L mom important. Shadarts art held qnmdble for what they moupposcdtohtPclsvndinMgh ~lurdothaanmn. CLurdisurdonsoita\ucrkncdatniring quation8 with no dtu right or wriong UISum. Tlae much ma anpW understand- ing theory. a differences about HPda workbrcquirrdforeuningr pdeof A or8. lk simple arxnpkdcm d assignment oftar crinrrrgrrdcofCorbmr. Murywmcrtagrrdaucbucdunjurthvoor thrrctstscwcx Student props USURY mt monitored CroKbby Irutrucrors. Exam questions often are more difficult to prcdh arc more mrjor writing usignmenta Essay acarru ate mare amrmon. Knciwledge Acquisition a- indudu mrrns &#rut now students study and acquire new knowkdge aprtix. Instrucbon rutly su-t ways students un leun the nulakl. Effecdvc re&ding comprrhcruion &ills are mom irnpo&t - Taking god nota Ir morr important hwvinul8nclrtudy~~provided Identifying tk mrfn idus mbre important Effective cammdatkm skilh are more fm~orm: ~tudmts must independently uck additional supplementary sources of information. Students mu* mogntzc the nd for
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ud Mthk rapes& fur additional hdp. SCrtdcnbnesdtomorJtw~~wn~ Paying amtion ftr du b me important Studying is mom immL hdsniAont tofsqqmthatzrudcnts rccdyc ' Rd.tionships with randy and friends dur.ge. Thar b Icw mntact with ixubucbon. That b leu individual IeedbacL htmcton sometimes an not student-cat- basd ofkn wtc academic comptition.
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Academic Environment - The High School-to-College...

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