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Types of Knowledge - Types of Knowledge Strategic learning...

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Types of Knowledge Strategic learning is efl'ective and eciicient learning that hclps you reach your learning goals, whether these goals involve reading a chapter in a text, preparing for a class or reviewing for the final exam. As we set goals, we reflect on various aspects of ourselves and our environment that might affect our achieving the goal. The following are descriptions of the 5 types of knowledge that are important to think about. or reflect on, and use when we set academic goals and decide how we plan to accomplish them. As we develop awareness of these types of knowledge, we will be able to be more strategic when we set, analyze and use our goals. Knowledge of Self The first type of knowledge that is important to develop and reflect about is knowledge of self (ourselves) as a learner. Knowing about ourselves as learners can help us allocate our personal resources more effectively and help us to decide if and how much help we might need to meet a learning goal. What does knowledge of self include? It includes (but is not limited to) many aspects such as: What are my most alert times of the day? What are my worst times of the day? We can use this knowledge to our advantage by scheduling the most challenging or unpleasant tasks when we are most alert and by scheduling the easier or more pleasant tasks when we are less alert. Since these tasks are not so demanding, or since our interest will help us to establish and maintain our concentration, it will not take as much energy to focus on these.
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Types of Knowledge - Types of Knowledge Strategic learning...

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