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Systematic Approach - Successful Students use the...

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Successful Students use the Systematic Approach Is it enough for learners to be motivated and knowledgeable? The answer is no. Strategic learners are active learners. orchestrating and managing their own studying and learning. Being a strategic luancr involves a numbcr of activities that interact with one anothcr. Some steps that you can take to be a more strategic and self-regulated learner are listed below. S'TEP 1 : Set a useful goal. A useful goal is challenging yet realistic, specific and measurable, and contains both a start date and end date. STEP 2: Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses related to the goal at hand. Recall your experiences with similar tasks to get an idea about obstacles that may stand in your way and what strategies worked or didn't work for you in the past. Consider what resources are available for you to use to help you reach your goal. Reflect on how what you're learning could be useful for you in the future for personal, social, academic, and occupational reasons. STEP 3: Brainstorm. What are all of the strategies you can think of to help you accomplish your goal? The point here is to take stock of all pote~ztial strategies; therefore, you should list every strategy that comes to mind. Thoroughly, consider the various ways that you could approach a learning task, whether it is preparing for a semester test, working on a paper or project, or reading a text? STEP 4: Create an action plan by selecting specific strategies or methods that you will use to carry out your plan. What will you say or do to accomplish your goal? You should refer to the list you created in Step 3 for idcas. STEP 5:
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Systematic Approach - Successful Students use the...

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