Self-Testing - Special Comprehension Monitoring Strategies...

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Special Comprehension Monitoring Strategies for Math and Science Courses Tramlate numerical pfoblenu into words. Putting problems words aids your understanding. When you study equations and formulas, put those your own words, too. Words can help you see a variety of applications for each formula. For example, c2=a2 + fi can be translated as, 'The square of the hypotenuse a right triangle is equal to sum the squares of the other two sides.' Pezform oppoaite operationa If a problem involves rnultiplyhig, check your work by dividing adding, then subtracting: factoring, multiplyihg; square root, sqk; ddferentiating, integrating. Myze before compute. Set up problem before you begin solve it. a problem worth a lot points, read it twice, slowly. Analyze it carefully. When you take time analyze a problem, you often ways take computational shortcuts. Draw a picture or diagram. Sometimes concepts are easier to understand when you draw visual representations them. Estimate first Estimation a good way doubi~heck your work Doing this help you notice if your computations go awry, and then com error quickly. . Check work systematically. your work, ask yourself: Did I correctly? I use correct formula equation? Is my arithmetic correct? answer in proper form? Adapted from E1IL. D. (1994) &amu'ng a Muster Shdmt.
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VOLUME XV/, MUMBE" 16 Talk-Alouds: Windows on the Mind It the instm&r's diIemmtiassolsing sets by giving tesk and then wandering what the scores really tell us. Julie Rceived r 67 on her first dumkitry exam.
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Self-Testing - Special Comprehension Monitoring Strategies...

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