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Information Processing - Knowledge Acquisition What is...

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Knowledge Acquisition What is knowledge acquisition? The key paint to remember about knowledge acquisition is that we need to process maberial m that it is organized and stored in long-term memory in such a way as to facilitate la- retrieval. In other words, we want to accomplish two goals: 1. Make new knowIedge &want to what we already know. 2 Store knowledge so that it ci& be recalled when it ii needed. What are strategies and wticma for haw~edge acquisition? There are any strategies or actians that help you to accomplish the two basic goals of knowledge acquisition. Why is knowledge aequisitibn important to me as a learner? Try to remember one of the times yw crammed for an exam and were disappointed to find that in the exam you "blanked out" and forgot som-gthing. The problem here was acatally not one of forgetting rather it was r problem of meaningful learqing~ What happened was that when you were t d u n i n g you were not keeping the goal d &cvd in mind. Thi.a k the problem wit& 4 m e m a g . you are not learning the material in r way that makes sense b you, and you're not organidng f Co fit wht pou h d y know. Instead, you're trying to isolate the information in 8 "padcet. h t you am dump onto the exam page and probably forget afterward. Thie is, at best, a risky strabegy and often will backfire. Rote m e m q probably helped you through high dm01 and - m y help you get duough some of your lower divisian cxmraes, but it -probably not be effective and efficient enough to act you thraugh your upper division courses and definibely won't wark in gradtxate/law/medicrl d t o d or when yorr have a job. How does knowledge acquisition work? Memory for different events or hcb can be thought 'd as lying dong r continuum. The continuum ranges from short-krm ta long-term memory. Events or facts that are meaningful or useful are more likely to be stored toward the
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long-term end of the continuum. Tluee processes are imporat for accomplishing goal: 1. Make tfic new information relevant to what you already know. 2 O r g a . the new information in a way that makes sense tn you. 3. Store the new information in a place in memory where you can access it Why does knowledge acquisition take time and effort? Any expert in a sport will trll you that he/ she gained that apztbe from years of grueling work, practice urd sac*. Yoa shouldn't expect yourself tu become an expert at aq-g knowledge w d g h t either. Knowledge acquisition will take 8 lot d effopt for a while, urd you may fed that resorting tu rnemorizjng is easier- Ymfc right! Huyevcr, once you are codorable and adept at nsing h o w d g e acquisition [email protected] and achchcms, ycm will greatly h e f i t and will save yoruself time and Iast-minute anxiety when facing testa. Using strahgia and d o n s to acquire knmvledge is a &ong drill.
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