Overview Reading EDP 310

Overview Reading EDP 310 - OVERVIEW OF THE LASS1...

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OVERVIEW OF THE LASS1 Introduction to the LASS1 SCALES There are 8 items on each of the 10 scales on the LASSI. These scales are: Anxiety, Attitude, Concentration, Information Processing, Motivation, Selecting Main Ideas. Self Testing, Study Aids, Test Strategies, and Time Management. Each of these scales is primarily related to one of three of the components of strategic learning: skill, will and self-regulation. The conceptual framework of strategic learning underlies each of these components, so there is some overlap and interaction among and within the components and individual scales. However, strategic learners need to know about each of these categories and about how to use information and skills in each of these categories. They also need to know how to pick and choose among the various elements in each category to help them reach specific learning goals and objectives. The Skill Component of Strategic Learning The LASSI scales related to the skill component of strategic learning are: Information Processing, Selecting Main Ideas, and Test Strategies. These scales examine students' learning strategies, skills and thought processes related to identifying, acquiring and constructing meaning for important new information, ideas and procedures, and how they
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Overview Reading EDP 310 - OVERVIEW OF THE LASS1...

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