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French Quasi Presidential

French Quasi Presidential - F rench Quasi P residential...

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Unformatted text preview: F rench Quasi P residential System Fifth Republic adopted in 1958 written at direction of De Gaulle De Gaulle sought to overcome fissiparous parliament and unstable executive of Third and Fourth Repubics De Gaulle was charamatic Originally elected by electoral college favoring rural France, then direct election for seven year term. Thus, Mitterrand served 14 years with one reelectio. Then in 2000 to 5 year term. Powers of charismatic leader: Plebiscitary power to circumvent National Assembly presenting on choice to electorate power to declare emergency, power to name premier, Power to dissolve assembely once a year. While premier who loses a confidence vote must submit his resignation to the president, there is no clear rule the president must accept that resignation and in on case, De Gaulle retaining a defeated Pompidou in 1962 while President Pompidou dismissed Premier Chaban-Deln as after he won such a vote in 1972. ...
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