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This “fantasy heritage” described by McWilliams has been present in our society for various generation. It is a “dichotomy” between the Southwest Mexican and the Spanish Californios . In society, it’s almost a patronizing action to keep us content for we believe they are observing our holiday to keep us in check by denying our true heritage. Regarding la fiesta del Cinco de Mayo McWilliams states, “The full irony of the situation dawns when one realizes that the men who lead the parade are dressed like the same class whose downfall is being celebrated” (McWilliams 46). These “Mexican” traditions are not in essence truly Mexican as they come from romanticized history. Mexican arts and culture have been accepted, some even view them as exotic, but as McWilliams observes, the people are not. It is a rather vexing contradiction. To Alma Lopez, La Virgen is “a complex activist revolutionary cultural icon…the
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Unformatted text preview: poster image for the first successful act of mass nonviolent resistance…” (Lopez 257). Lopez believes that La Virgen was a disfrasismo in which the indigineous united the symbol of the Christian Mother of God with Tonantzin to disfrazar “their resistance as obedience.” Through Our Lady , Lopez seeks to create an image of La Virgen to represent all women yet obviously this raised great controversy in the Chicano/a community due to the fact that ever since we are born it becomes engraved in our mind that La Virgen is sacred. By portraying her as she did, it was not surprising to see threats coming. I, myself, would probably have been among the people to be appalled and shaken before reading this. Even as I was reading, I still had mixed feelings about the digital image of Our Lady. The thought she put into it from choosing the viceroy or the monarch was so precise, it’s impossible not to see Lopez’s perspective....
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