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In “Song of the Hummingbird”, Huitzitzilin’s narrative gives the reader an insight into the Mexica’s world before, during, and after the Spaniard’s conquest through a native perspective. The ‘other side’ of the story is told, the conquered side; a story unknown to most, such as Father Benito. Huitzitzilin was robbed of everything, including her name for she is baptized as Maria Belen by the Spaniards who would convert them in groups of dozens or hundreds. In addition, not only does Limon provide a Caliban point of view, but it’s also a woman’s perspective. Thus, gender is vital in her narrative for only as a woman could she experience child-bearing and the maternal pain of losing Baltazar and Paloma; furthermore abortion is one of her sins just as indulging in pre-marital carnal pleasures with Zintle. Despite the traditional gender roles Huitzitzilin states, “Mexica women were important throughout those days. We faced the ordeal in equal measure with the warriors”
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