Sounds of Japan Concert Report

Sounds of Japan Concert Report - Tiffany Nguyen Music 3600...

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Tiffany Nguyen Music 3600, Section 2 Concert Report: Sounds of Japan Concert Date: January 16 th , 2010 1. List the musical instruments used in the concert and describe the sounds of any instruments. There were several musical instruments that were used throughout the concert. First, there were a group of drummers who played the Taiko (traditional Japanese drums). These drums were huge and projected very loud sounds, had a lot of dynamic, in which I would compare the sounds as, the sounds that prepare people for war. As the song went on, it seemed as though the banging of the drums would get more intense, and more texture would be added. . For instance, it starts off slow, yet loud, with a little bit of metal clanking noise, and then loud drum booms, and then people would then start yelling, and clap their drums and drumsticks all at once as the song progressed. Even though there were a lot going on, I did feel like the drums maintained a good rhythm and a consistent count of beats. The tempo was absolutely fast and full of energy. Second, the piano was used during all six vocal compositions. The piano was much softer sounding than the drums, and it was a lot more of a compliment to the singers, and children choir. It set the tone and mood, and most of the time it was very pleasant to listen to. While listening to the piano playing, I also felt that during a few of the piano pieces, I can tell that there was a lot of rapid-hand motion involved because of the various pitches that were projected. Some sounds reminded me of happiness, achievement, nature, and raindrops. The last instrument that was used was then called the Koto, which is the traditional Japanese stringed Instrument. This instrument was derived from China, and it reminds me of the Vietnamese “dan tranh”. This particular instrument is set on the floor, and is about a few feet long and it has strings attached to both ends of the instrument where the players will pull on the strings to make music. I would describe the music as very “Asian” oriented because you can hear a lot of the stringed sounds. The music was slowly paced, softer, and much more harmonic. 2. Find a bit more information about the instruments that are new to you. Also describe how the instruments new to you are played. Find a bit more information about the instruments that are new to you by searching online or checking in a book about Japanese culture and/or music. Identify the source(s) you consulted and paraphrase the most
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Sounds of Japan Concert Report - Tiffany Nguyen Music 3600...

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