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Zakir Patel November 27, 2011 Anthropology 100 3 rd Paper (1 st question) Controlling or making profit from water as a commodity has been done in many ways. One of the ways of making profit is having a private company taking control of the water and selling it to other people. This affects considerably to the poor nation because they do not have enough money to afford water. Than people get angry at water privatization because water is their main source of nutrition and energy. The law does not play a huge role on how private companies run their water system. The relationship with rich and poor nations plays a hand to hand role with the World Bank when it comes to privatization. The process of water privatization is related to globalization by private companies take water from lakes which results in droughts and affects the environment. The government should stop these private water companies in order to solve all these problems. Many of the private companies are taking advantage of water by taking water from the lake and selling it back to the people for a profit. Rich nation are not entirely affected by this move because they have money to pay for the water but it’s the poor nation who are devastated. For many of these poor nations, water is the main source of utility and without water they won’t be able to survive. There was an instance in the movie where one of the family’s home was on fire and there were two girls trapped inside. The neighbors did nothing because either they didn’t have water or they were afraid if they used their water they would have died of thirst (Bozzo, 2008). The only other legal resource poor nations have is to use dirty water on land which comes from rain. This dirty water causes diseases and deaths. If there wasn’t any privatization people wouldn’t have to worry about
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Anthro paper 3 - Zakir Patel November 27, 2011 Anthropology...

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