lab1 - Lab 1: Analysis of DC and AC circuits using PSPICE...

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Lab 1: Analysis of DC and AC circuits using PSPICE 1. Objectives. 1) Familiarize yourself with PSPICE simulation software environment. 2) Obtain confidence in performing DC and AC circuit simulation. 2. Introduction. The S imulation P rogram with I ntegrated C ircuit E mphasis ( SPICE ) became an industry standard for circuit simulation. In this course we will use the PC-compatible version (PSPICE). You can perform the assignments either on your own PC or in the CADLAB (Room 273 Light Eng. Bldg). It is beneficial to start working in CADLAB since you can get some help there to speed up the learning process. ( It will be necessary to apply for an account in advance. ) Demo version of the PSPICE (enough for our purposes) can be either installed from CD that comes with recommended book (old version) or downloaded from Cadence website after registration ( , be aware that the download size is about 970 MBs, so make sure that your internet connection is appropriate). To perform the circuit analysis using graphical description: 1. Start OrCAD Capture”. 2. Create a project: [File] [New] [Project]. Name the project and choose “Analog or Mixed A/D.” In the next window choose “Create a blank project.” A work area has now been created. 3. Select [Place] [Part]. Place necessary circuit components (you might need to add ANALOG and SOURCE libraries for necessary circuit elements to become available). Be sure to select the circuit ground ([Place] [Ground]) point using “0/SOURCE”. Wire the circuit together. Specify the element values and source attributes.
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lab1 - Lab 1: Analysis of DC and AC circuits using PSPICE...

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