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CW_3_-_1_OF_2 - Copy - Worksheetg 1 Equilibrium Shifts...

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Unformatted text preview: Worksheetg 1. Equilibrium Shifts Resulting from a Change in mm. The point here is that the statement of the question can be a little vague. (Really??) Just interpret the problem carefully as to hm the pressure is raised. Equilibrium: 3 H2(g) + N2(g) ~—> 2 NH3(g) + heat 11 ' d * decrease V (at constant T) _ it add H2 or N2 ‘12. L L. raise T (at constant V) ‘ add Argon (at constantV) N on}, ~ n m (groom H3éFWOJF/dfiy/75P \P ‘Uk’l‘ +o+fifi A wwfitvl: TfifiY — 9* DEL-J1” x’i‘kt Wu 'uwwyflell; ' 2. Combined Effects of Kinetics and Eqi uilibrium for Some Important Reactions. Equilibrium: 3 H2(g) + N2(g) —|>' 2 NH3(g) + heat At IQXLT, K > 1 but the rate is Lem, so essentially no product is- obtained. At h_igh_I, the rate is OK, but the equilibrium W and K < lso the m. What can be done?? '" II: L101 on W, "' (441— % Law ML Mew?" " MAL aL PH; 4' 1"" PNz. __~ ._ W Fm‘f (1474\47 J In.» QM.“ ‘ :3 Equilibrium: heat + N2(g) + 02(g) ;-> 2N0(g) Webs 4t). MALE. (3me 1;; 04 +70; ,wflLflg NO At low T, K<<1 and also the rate is very small. _‘ At high T, K < l and the rate is fast. A “small” but significant concentration of NO (an air pollutant) is formed. Gin. M0 fl; “L70 dub; e. fiat/J in f leaf, anew ewtmtee ocew . . 4b. 241* 2“ Wte «be / gig/:1}; OAQIIW” Mjf— w-{OW {\24—0), /L€W ML AQICEH» (/3 51999 M e! ’- N rt; What can be done??--~c,a:t ”ii; can.) thw- Vii-"W ’ W NO {LE-’1“ L23 MH’EUL'WLQE- M’u. MAL: T), 1% one Wynn-(L all“ etc/gee 4f; | 4th n Apdplication of the LCP: A Dessicator and its Co+2 indicator for H20(g). ci-—-- -—-7 Ital". “ml: DeSSicant(s) _+ H20(g)‘ S Hydrated SOlid + heat .iv‘lmaiwjlhrdi on. W, largo HALL MK, Ugh? WJL W .i Co+2(s) + H20(g) 1: ' 00(0H2)e+2(s) + heat WQ (Pat‘s) ._ To Mcfifi. “.4; Mm/ rot-mgiae... :Q’ A: M t9: % 9‘43 \ MLDLWVE—A ...
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