Egyptian - EGYPTIAN*palette of King Narmer c 3150-3125 BCE...

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Unformatted text preview: EGYPTIAN 01/24/12 *palette of King Narmer c. 3150-3125 BCE, slate, Egyptian (Janson 3.2) Concepts of continuity and stability Message: stability in egypt as a whole durability- for eye make up- Commemorative object - ornament to cult statue 1st register- King Narmer biggest with crown or lower egypt- slaves carrying processional- Commemoration of his success as a military leader Expository abstraction middle register- feline creatures with long necks - Intertwining necks - two people symbolize absolute control over nature or the rule of king narmer- unification of upper and lower egypt Bottom register- bull knocking something down- bull ramming city- trampling enemy- symbol or Narmer and his conquering- Composite pose - fractional representation- Hierarchic scale- believable space have been denied- you see dead space from above- city space from above expository abstraction : when elements of the composition are made abstract. rearing away from naturalism- fractional representation- hierarchic scale- denial of believable space Other side of Pallet- leader beating enemy is a motif to symbolize the ruler’s power- falcon refers to egyptian god Horis- stylized papyrus symbol of lower egypt- Narmer brings together upper and lower egypt- composite pose, hierarchic scale, denial of believable space Tombs mastaba- earliest type of tomb. flat top rectangular structure the ka is individual’s life force ka goes on after the body dies in the after life tombs are a place for the ka to reside...
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Egyptian - EGYPTIAN*palette of King Narmer c 3150-3125 BCE...

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