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Unformatted text preview: Gerrick King 01/27/12 RUID: 138000671 Article Review Form Citation: STEPHANIE STROM , “A Quest for Hybrid Companies That Profit, but Can Tap Char- ity,” Published: October 12, 2011, 01/27/12, quest-for-hybrid-companies-part-money-maker-part-nonprofit.html?ref=nonprofitorganizations Corresponding Chapter in Boone & Kurtz: Chapter 1: The Changing Face of Business Article Abstract (1-2 paragraphs summarizing the MAIN IDEA of the article: A new type of company intended to put social goals ahead of making profits is taking root around the country, as more states adopt laws to help bridge the divide between nonprofits and businesses. Unlike a straight nonprofit group, these businesses can tap into conventional cap- ital markets as well as philanthropy. And unlike a for-profit corporation, the structure allows in- vestors to emphasize the social mission over making money, and to be supported by money from foundations. However, some people argue that the new structure holds an inherent conflict of in-...
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