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Article Chapter 3 - Gerrick King RUID 138000671 Article...

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Gerrick King 02/01/12 RUID: 138000671 Article Review Form Citation: Dominic Barton , “Capitalism for the Long Term,” published 02/16/11, 02/01/12, http://hbr.org/2011/03/capitalism-for-the-long-term/ar/1 Corresponding Chapter in Boon & Kurtz: Chapter 3: Economic Challenges Facing Contempor- ary Business Article Abstract (1-2 paragraphs summarizing the MAIN IDEA of the article: Capitalism and sustainability are a contradiction in terms. There is this pervasive myth that Capitalism is this great engine for growth, it is, but we don't want perpetual growth now, we want sustainability and fairness. We had a financial meltdown for a reason, because it reached it's limits. Capitalism was only partially successful, there are still a billion people starving in the world. I could mention many other things wrong with capitalism, but we all know them, but these things are being ignored, we are basically trying to patch up a system of economics, which would only fail again, because it is inherently flawed. Unfortunately, business leaders only know
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