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King 1 Gerrick King Professor Baldino Expository Writing 101: Section AZ 05 February 2012 Assignment 1: Final Draft Loyalty and Integrity Within the article “Confidence Men and Their Flex Lives” Janine R. Wedel presents two extremely radical ideas, which question people’s loyalty and integrity. The radical ideas, which she proposes play a vital role in the modern world of flexians. Janine Wedel describes a global trend of cultivating multiple roles in government and business, which also can be interpreted as the roles of public and private power. The result is fundamental ambiguity about where the allegiance of many of our elites lies: “When an individual serves in interdependent roles, and is in the public eye promoting policy prescriptions, and when fundamental questions lack straight answers—Who is he? Who funds him? For whom does he work? Where ultimately does his allegiance lie? We have likely encountered a flexian” (506). With this quote Wedel is stating that loyalty and integrity are performed as a fallacy to those who live the flexian lifestyle. This idea is extremely controversial because people who exhibit flexian behaviors are more likely to create fallacies about the truth. Flexians are sly individuals that con others in order to gain their own benefits. Wedel presents strong ideas about how loyalty and integrity are vital in the roles of flexians and this is apparent when she talks about Gerhard Schroeder and Henry Paulson. Flexians instill the idea that some people will do whatever it takes to gain benefits for themselves and will con their way by creating facades with loyalty and integrity.
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King 2 Flexian activity is becoming more acceptable in our society everyday. People con others and benefit themselves and their loyalty and integrity can be questioned. An example of an individual who exhibited certain flexian features is Gerhard Schroeder, the Social Democratic
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Assignment 1 - King 1 Gerrick King Professor Baldino...

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