Final+Syllabus+Business - 33:011:100:H1 Wednesdays...

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33:011:100:H1 Wednesdays 12p.m.-1.20 p.m. Fridays 1.40- 3p.m. Lucy Stone Auditorium Introduction to Business Course Syllabus Shikha Mittra AIF®CFP®CMFC®CRPS®MBA® [email protected] 609-799-6343 Text : Contemporary Business, 14 th Ed- Boone/Kurtz Course Objective : This course is intended to provide students a broad overview of the complex and dynamic contemporary world of business. The course will illustrate how human resources management, marketing, production and finance are major functions that work together to help owners, employees and customers reach their objectives. Global business must operate within economic, social, legal and political environments. This course will provide a manager’s perspective to working with a wide variety of people and situations within these environments. While this is not a course specifically on international business, the business world is becoming more global, therefore the topic is integrated into every section. Course procedure: As an introductory course to business, many theories and principles will be touched upon. Daily lectures, coupled with class discussion and experiential exercises, will be the main focus of each day. Several video cases will be used to substitute for guest speaker/field trip experiences. Tests: There will be five tests throughout the term, including the final. You are responsible for all the material in the text and class discussion. Tests will be objective. Your lowest score will be dropped when calculating your final grade. Tests will be given only on the assigned days. No exceptions. Make-ups : None. If you are unable to come to class on the scheduled test day, that will be the test score to be dropped. Points from in class activities cannot be made up. Articles: Current business article abstracts are required in this class. Articles should be recent (within approx. the last year) and pertain to a chapter from your text. You are to find one article per chapter for 10 chapters and place a copy of it with a one page synopsis. Articles may be from
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Final+Syllabus+Business - 33:011:100:H1 Wednesdays...

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