EDA - Beauty Something one perceives as attractive to...

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Beauty - Something one perceives as attractive to their eye Preference - People prefer to stay in places where they’re comfortable and feel more safe Prospect/ refuge - People like to feel protected, so they tend to stay in areas where they are secluded but still feel safe (bed facing door, etc.) Impelling form - Sustainable practices and technologies evolving negative “ugly” to “beautiful” and wasteful practices becoming ugly (conspicuous non- consumption) (gardens in front of white house) (to motivate without force) body and proportion - Significant variation in anatomical proportions between people (average male and women size and weight, etc) Anthropometrics - The study of human physical dimensions, capabilities and limitations (human measurement) Ergonomics - The study of people and machines application of human factors data to design (the science of designing user interaction w/ equipment to fit user) (ex. chair) Seating Considerations - People sit a certain way and they get accustomed to culture (seats too high, feet on ground, weight distributed, front rail curved downward, etc) Sociopetal vs. Sociofugal - Sociopetal – people are put in a position where they are put face-to-face (spaces put people face to face) (ex. street corner) - Sociofugal – layouts that discourage interactions (ex. ATM machine) Concepts of privacy - Where people feel safe and isolated from others Proxemics - The study of how people unconsciously structure their surroundings (people, environment, etc.) Choice - The decisions people make and their rationale behind them Accessibility - How people can carry themselves throughout place to place (places are available to people) Personal Space - The area people keep to themselves Crowding - It’s bad because it prevents people from expressing their true emotions - Discomfort due to loss of control over contact/overload while density is measured in terms of number of people per unit area Territoriality - Sense of control and ownership over something Territorial hierarchy - Public, semi-public, semi-private, private Primary, secondary, public - Primary – house, secondary- dorm, public – park Active Living - Healthy lifestyle through physical activity Environmental barriers for children, elderly and poor - Elderly – unlit streets, safety in their environment, accessibility standards (high curbs, etc), etc - Children – uncontrolled intersections, speeding traffic, safety of neighborhoods, etc - Poor – they live in inaccessible areas (too busy, etc) Utilitarian vs. recreational types of activity - Utilitarian – ex. walk to school and indirectly get exercise - Recreational – ex. go to the gym (on purpose) Community design considerations for active living - Land use – gov’t convert land so it’s accessible for daily life (started with train station, then shops, houses, etc)
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EDA - Beauty Something one perceives as attractive to...

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