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King 1 Gerrick King Professor November Basic Composition 100 27 October 2011 Assignment 3 Confirming Philosophies The issues of change, identify, and meaning are very common in everyday society. People try to discover themselves and develop a true understanding of who they really are. In “The World and Other Places,” Jeanette Winterson creates a character who yearns for change in his life; he leaves behind his home and family in-order to engage in a quest for selfhood and clarity. He is fundamentally trying to find a specific answer to the question “How shall I live?” (Winterson 287). On the other hand, Alain de Botton, a famous writer, is an individual who has experienced and succeeded in his quest of gaining a better understanding of ones self. In his essay, “On Habit,” he writes about his quest for an understanding of his life as well as, the world around him. His quest began when he had returned home from a wonderful vacation from Barbados. From there he was intrigued about why there was such a dramatic change in his mood upon his arrival back home to London and because of this he started to find out why he was so unhappy. After de Botton conducted a few experiments in the pursuit of happiness, he was able to develop some key philosophies about how to be satisfied with ones self. When someone is conflicted with the issues of change, identity, and meaning then they should refer to de Botton’s philosophies, which include, an individual should live their life with a “travelling mindset” which is the ability to “approach new things with humility” and to carry “ no rigid ideas about what is interesting” (de Botton 62). An individual should avoid living in a “grid of interests,”
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King 2 when someone lives in a grid of interests they are so focused on a “primary goal, outside of which is darkness, all is invisible” which can be interpreted as it is when a person is so focused on an objective that they are unable to focus on the minor details which may also hinder them from seeing small Fulfilling things (de Botton 63). Lastly, an individual should understand that meaningful change comes internally from the mind. The philosophies of de Botton can be
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assignment 3 word - King 1 Gerrick King Professor November...

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