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9/1/10 General Psychology 101 Section 02 Professor Michael Leyton Purpose of first book (Buzan) - to teach you how to study - shows what are the psychologically proven techniques for increasing your capacity to take in information and learn Homework: Week 1: read and learn chapters 6 and 7 (pg 77-95) in Buzan Week 2: read and learn chapter 8 to end of Buzan Purpose of second book (Kagan + Segal) - for other reading assignments to be given later
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Unformatted text preview: Clinical and Developmental Psychology Psychoanalysis- Two phases in the history of psychoanalysis- Freudian theory- Object-relations theory- Freud developed psychoanalysis by observing only adults, not children- Then, the Object-relations people did massive study of children, and greatly improved psychoanalysis- Object-relations = modern psychoanalysis...
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