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091510 copy - 091510 Cause of Hysteria Patients have had...

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091510 Cause of Hysteria - Patients have had traumatic experiences. - These experiences leave memories that are too emotional to face. - The memories are split off from the rest of the mind, hidden. - Nevertheless, the memories are so intense that they actually control the patient's life - e.g. paralyzing the arm, etc. - Freud said that the purpose of hypnotism is: - To discover these memories and bring them into consciousness where they can be faced and UNITED with the rest of consciousness. - It is the UNIFICATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS with the buried memories that brings the relief and happiness. - Freud's discovery is the most fundamental anyone has ever made about the human mind. - This discovery contains the following 7 basic ideas: - Memories are the problem - The psychological difficulties people develop are due to the fact that they are suffering from memories. - Too muchness - The memories are too emotionally charged to be faced. - The emotions overwhelm the patient. - They have too muchness. - Defenses - The too muchness must be defended against.
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