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9/20/10 - Freud soon discovered that hypnosis was not a successful technique. It brings short term relief, but the relief is not permanent. - Why? One can work this out by looking at the list of 7 points. - Which point does hypnotism fail to handle? - Hypnotism might be able to bring up the memories, but it does not help you overcome the defenses. - A defense is really a "strategy for living". - It is much harder dealing with defense than a memory. - So the history of psychoanalysis is directed towards memories and defenses. The Most Important Technique - It seems obvious to us now, but no one had ever done this before. - Freud LISTENED to his patients. - Listening is a fundamental technique. - This is a total revolution. - Psychiatry was done by medical doctors. Doctors never listened to their patients. - The patient was regarded as ignorant. - The doctor was regarded as the expert. - The role of the doctor was to give the patient instructions. - Freud was a doctor.
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