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9/22/10 All psychoanalysis is about transference - In transference, the patient relives the childhood-like virtual reality. - However, in this new reliving, he/she begins to grow up again, with a parent (the therapist) who is always willing to listen, understand, encourage, support, etc. - The result is that the patient's mind forms without the splittings, traumas, etc. Psychotherapists - Several Kinds 1. Behavioral Modification - based on conditioning 2. Cognitive Therapy - changing your perspective and beliefs 3. Pyschiatry - drugs 4. Pyschoanalysis
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Unformatted text preview: - transference Final Words about Freud- Freud is generally recognized as one of the great geniuses of all time, equal to Shakespeare, Newton, Einstein, etc.- His great discoveries are: 1. The nature of psychological health and ill health- The mechanism of ill health, e.g. defenses against too muchness, repression, etc. 2. Techniques of psychotherapy:- How is it possible to move a person from the highly split structure of a mind divided against itself to a unified mind that can function easily, creatively, and happily....
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