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9/27/10 Homework Complete by Wednesday: 8th edition: pg 64-79 9th edition: ph 66-78 Object-Relations Theory - Freud did not really observe children. - A group of people, the object-relations theorists, did a huge study of children. - They thereby moved psychoanalysis forward enormously. - The single most important fact of childhood is: DEPENDENCE. - The child's primary problem is to survive. It needs: - Food - Protection - Warmth (e.g. clothes) - Learning (e.g. walk on two feet, talk, etc.) - However, the child is totally helpless. - So it must get these needs met via an adult; i.e. food, protection, warmth, etc. must come via an adult. - Thus, its relationship to the adult is one of dependence. - Without the adult, the child would: - Starve to death - Freeze to death - Never learn to walk, talk, etc. - Dependency on parent for survival controls everything. - All traumas in childhood are disturbances in dependency.
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