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Unformatted text preview: 9/29/10 Getting Back to Object-Relations Theory- We have seen that there are 2 phases in development: 1. Internalization (Introjection):- Pulling in the structure of the external environment to be the structure of the child's own mind. 2. Projection:- The good and bad objects that are now part of the child's mind are projected out onto the external environment.- Notice how Projection of Object-Relations is really the basis of Transference. Problems created in your daily life- Virtually all problems at work, with lovers, with friends, marriages, etc. are due to object-relations, i.e projecting onto the situation the family structure of your childhood.- We fail to see the other person or situation for what it really is, and the situation quickly becomes a disastrous mess.- The problem is that no one is aware that they are projecting the family structure onto the current situation.- That is why it is important to know yourself, i.e. the internal object-relations in your mind, because you can then catch - That is why it is important to know yourself, i....
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