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10/4/10 Interpretation Relieves Anxiety - Melanie Klein was amazed to discover that giving a child a correct interpretation relieves the child's anxiety. Klein's Technique with Adults - Object relations give the basis of transference, i.e. projection of one's internal object-relations out onto the environment. - According to Klein, everything in therapy is transference. - She created a revolution in therapy, making the analysis of transference the central focus of therapy. - Notice also the therapist will have transference onto the patient. This is called countertransference. - The therapist cannot ignore his own countertransference onto the patient. In fact, he must fully use it to both understand the patient and himself. - The therapy can only work if the analyst is learning about himself in the process. Sadism and Violence in Child Fantasy - Klein found enormous amount of violence/sadism in the fantasy of small children. - The fantasy often included immense amount of cruelty
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