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Unformatted text preview: 10/11/10 The Child's Survival- In her work, Melanie Klein shows that the child will go to great lengths to ensure the parent's survival.- Normally, we think of the work of ensuring survival as that of the parent ensuring the child's survival.- But the reverse is also true: A child is EQUALLY concerned with ensuring the parent's survival in order to ensure its own survival. Non-Assertiveness and Depression in Adulthood- Inability to repair the parent in childhood can lead to strong suppression of anger and suppression of destructive feelings toward parent.- Leads in adulthood to difficulty in being assertive and expressing anger.- Also leads to depression.- Depression is a suppression of anger towards a loved person, because one feels one's anger will destroy them. Manic and Obsessional Disorder 1. Manic Defense- A child who cannot repair parent can sometimes develop a manic personality.- A manic person defends against the sorrow of losing a good object by mantaining the object was not really important...
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