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10/18/10 Big Question: - A person who has been through the depressive position can repress (push negative feelings, e.g. shame, down into the unconscious). - But what does the paranoid-schizoid do, since they can't repress? Answer: - They push the negative feelings, e.g. shame, out into the other person. - This is called projective identification. Projective Identification - This is how it works: 1. The paranoid-schizoid experiences a negative feeling, e.g. shame. 2. Since the paranoid-schizoid cannot repress, he/she pushes this feeling into another person, getting the other person to experience the shame instead. 3. The paranoid-schizoid then tries to "damage" or "destroy" the other person. Example of Projection Identification - Puck on MTV Real World, expelling snot balls into other people's breakfasts. - What is going on here? - Answer: Puck is a paranoid-schizoid (borderline). Shameful feelings are coming up in him. He has nowhere in his own mind to repress them. So he pushes them into other people.
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  • Borderline personality disorder, Psychological manipulation, Histrionic personality disorder, Major Form of Projective Identification

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