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102510 copy - alternatives Theory offered by the GESTALT...

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10/25/10 Cognitive Psychology - Cognitive means to do with knowledge and information. Perception - Perceptual Organization: - Billions of photons/light-rays hit the retina at the back of your eye. - Your mind organizes them into powerful cohesive objects set in space. - This process of organizing involves grouping the stimuli together into objects. - Notice that because there are billions of points of light, hitting the retina, there are almost infinite numbers of alternative groupings that you can make. - "Perceptual Organization" is the study of why the perceptual system chooses one grouping as opposed to the
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Unformatted text preview: alternatives. Theory offered by the GESTALT SCHOOL- Gestalt school: Germany/Austria 1920-1930s- The main idea put forward by this school was that the perceptual system groups by using criteria and these criteria are really aesthetic criteria. Examples of Gestalt Criteria CRITERION OF GOOD CONTINUATION- Put points in the same grouping if the continuation is the smoothest. CRITERION OF PROXIMITY- Group things together if they are near to each other. CRITERION OF SIMILARITY- Put things into same grouping if they are similar. CRITERION OF SYMMETRY- Put things in same grouping if they are symmetric....
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